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Data Source

The data for this website comes from a public repository on GitHub, PremierLeague.json. The data is maintained in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. It covers 2018-19 season of the English Premier League at the time of writing. The data is histroical in nature (updates after all the matches are played on a given day). It does not update in real time.

What data Covers?

The data covers information about the following fields:

Data Authenticity

The data for all the fields is obtained from the official website of the Premier League. All squad members of each club are updated from FootballSquads.
The data is recorded manually by hands in the editor. No scraping technique through any scripting language is used by any means on any website.
Updating data manually makes it prone to errors. Well it is tried to the best of an individual capacity to avoid errors and mistakes. If any error or mistake creeps in, it is corrected as soon as it appears before eyes.
Feel free to raise an issue on the respective GitHub repository if you find any error or mistake.

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