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Join us to share your passion about the Premier League
EPL In View is seeking enthusiasts from all around the world to join hands in writing about their favourite league. The website provide a platform to share your passion, thoughts and ideas about your favourite club or player.
I Want To Ask
Who is eligible to write?
We impose no restrictions on our writers. Everyone is welcome to write.
How can I send my writings?
You can send your articles and blog posts at our email address, eplinview@gmail.com. We encourage you to send us a little bit of your information including your background and expertise.
What is the acceptance criteria?
Your writings should be in English and revolve only around the Premier League. There is no restriction on the words count but it should not be too small.
Do I get paid?
As of now, we are not paying to our contributors. We are surely aiming for big. We shall honor our contributors with payments as we start making money. We maintain all the data of our contributors which allow us to keep track of number of articles or blog posts submitted to us by any of our contributors.
How to seek more help?
Well, email us at our email address, eplinview@gmail.com and we will respond you in a flash.
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